Why Small Businesses Must Avoid Managing PPC In-House

As digital marketing takes center stage in every business’ effort to grow and stay relevant PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is growing in popularity. While many small businesses have been well-acquainted to Search Engine Optimization over the years they are increasingly turning towards PPC or paid search marketing. The fact that it offers immediate traction and qualified traffic has made it popular. But small businesses often are caught in dilemma whether to work with a PPC agency or manage it in-house.

This dilemma arises from the fact many small businesses tend to manage a rudimentary SEO and Social Media Marketing campaign in-house.  But PPC is a different ball game and requires higher levels of expertise in terms of targeting keywords, bidding on them and making changes to the campaign based on its response. If you are struck in such a dilemma, what should you do? While having an in-house team does theoretically promise you control over your campaign practically there are too many downsides to this approach. Let us take a look at some of the downsides of attempting to manage PPC in-house instead of working with a PPC company –

There are no shades of grey when it comes to PPC management. An eyesore of a website still creates your digital presence while a shabbily-run SEO campaign may still bring some traffic to your website howsoever irrelevant it may be but there is no room for error with PPC. Either you run a campaign that succeeds or one that would see hundreds of dollars going down the drain without any tangible success. In PPC marketing one needs to combine creativity with strong technical acumen to succeed. It has to be aligned with the marketing goals of your brand and must be timed to perfection which requires creative thoughts, technical knowhow and marketing acumen.

PPC is a fast changing game where trends change at the drop of a hat. Many of Google AdWords management strategies that offer good returns in the past aren’t worth exploring anymore. Many of them have started showing signs of diminishing returns. It is here that a PPC expert from an agency could be a great help. They work on a variety projects which help them gain insights into the emerging trends. Your in-house team would usually work on a single account and hence they are handicapped in terms of studying and understanding the new challenges and opportunities.

You pay more than you save on your in-house team. Of course we state this based on the belief that you would hire seasoned PPC professionals to manage your campaign. And if you find the person with the right amount of experience and expertise he/she won’t take peanuts for salary. For a small business PPC isn’t full-time job or in other words you don’t need a person to dedicate 8-9 hours daily to manage your campaign. Hence you end up paying them full time salary for a job where your in-house PPC expert would sit ideal for most of the time.

Hire a PPC agency that comes with a proven track record. They should be able to maximize customer acquisitions, sales and subscriptions for every dollar that goes towards your campaign.

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